We are proud to present artist  ZhiYuan Cong  who recently held the largest exhibition of his works in the National Museum of China.  Zhiyuan Cong is from China, and like many other painters of his generation who went abroad to study, had a stable profession and made important achievements in art circles before his departure.  his art is imbued with Chinese art and carries with it the soul of Chinese art.  It’s his strong belief that an artist must be conversant with the old and the new and must unite east and west before he can reach the cultural zenith; to create art for the eternity among cultural heritage. He insists that the artist’s intuitive sense and spiritual transcendence of the external world leads to a revelation of the mind.  Viewing and experiencing the work of Zhiyuan Cong illuminates the experiences of the roads he continues to travel. He provides the viewers with many paths of experience. The visual arts language of Zhiyuan Cong moves from the mysteries and compassion of the Buddha’s hand and the beauty of the lotus flower to basketball and the smoldering remains of towers forever etched in our hearts and minds. Beauty, terror, sensuality and life – these are the pigments, fragments and visions Zhiyuan has beckoned us to see as we move through his vision/bridge to all things human and juxtaposed to the natural order of life. In this he is astutely focused on life’s interactions, connecting the experiences of his motherland with those he has embraced during his last three decades in the United States.