postcard002The exhibit runs from September 10- October 4

The reception will be on September 21st, Saturday, From 5:00 to 8:00PM

Riverside Gallery will host a special exhibition featuring the works of 9 visual artists from 3 countries, in and exhibit about the struggles of the artists’ life in achieving “beauty” in their work.

Old friends reunite and exhibit with some new friends in the month long exhibition that features the work of Steve Cavallo, Heejung Kim, Serban Chelariu and Park Joon, four old friends that have been showning together since 2003.

Joining them are some new friends, artists Inyoung Seoung, Hyang Sook Choi, Koo Seung Wui, Haneui Kim and Soo Yeong Lee.

A mix of media from sculpture to watercolor, pen and ink and oil painting, this exhibit tells how each artist chased a vision and sacrificed the standard lifestyle to live the “artist’s life”. In some instances the artists speak of their own obsession in the chasing after what is beautiful, others portray the journey of others in their work.  The obsession in the chase, and the disappointment in the apprehending of beauty, often leaves it victims hollow, alone and forsaken, where others have found peace, happiness and beauty.  I Came So Far For Beauty is a series of nudes, landscapes and portraits of the human condition on display from September 9-October 2nd.  There is a “meet the artist” reception on Saturday, September 21 from 5-8pm. All are invited.


Seunghwui Koo


“Seunghwui Koo creates her works drawing inspiration from the daily happenings and intricate moments of her life in NYC… She was born in South Korea, where she first had the idea of combining the pig’s head and human body. The significance of the pig’s head lies in the different symbolic meanings from the Eastern and Western cultures. Good fortune (Eastern) and greed (Western), two very different connotations of the pig, are themes that are a part of her works.”

Heejung Kim


Born in Seoul, Korea, Heejung Kim has been producing art on the basis of the idea came from personal imagination and eastern philosophies, especially Buddhism. The major forms of her art works include artist books and installation pieces. She says about her work: “my works contain the images from the surreal, dreams, imagination, and religions…”

Inyoung Seoung


“My works express a correlation between unconscious feelings and conscious ideas… I begin the scribble without any plan or purpose, after a while, I come to discover that I, myself, am inputting conscious ideas and thoughts into the drawing. The drawing is inspired and developed by unconscious feelings but conscious ideas become slowly involved in it and contribute to shaping the object.” 

Haneui Kim


“Haneui Kim is a young surrealist artist recently graduated from Elam Art School.  While Haneui’s paintings are surreal and quite bizarre they are tempered with extremely precise traditional painting and drawing techniques.  Many of Haneui’s works are figurative, featuring herself…Viewers are left to draw their own conclusions from the many anomalous imagery in the paintings…”

Serban Chelariu


Serban Chelariu says about his paintings: “Through the use of basic visual art elements and a touch of poetry, my paintings attempt to describe basic human emotion. The paintings are varied in size and subjects, and the line is kept flowing freely; a technique that provokes the viewer and keeps their interest alive. Standing alone, within the quietness of a white wall, my paintings breathe at their own pace, projecting their powerful personality onto every passerby. As a group, my paintings further enhance their impact on the viewer by creating an ambiance of form, color and intrigue; they will undoubtedly attract people’s attention with its varied subjects, elements of poetry and an unmistakably human touch.”

Steve Cavallo

barb wire

My art is intended to go beyond something that is either beautiful or ugly, shocking or soothing, decorative or disturbing. It is meant to change things, to speak out for a cause, for the human rights of those who are not being heard. As the surviving victims of sexual slavery are dwindling in number, I am honored that my art done for so called “Comfort Women” has been shown internationally and that I had the honor to work on the first memorial dedicated to these women (dedicated in 2010 in Palisades Park NJ) as well as helping on the memorial in Glendale California that was unveiled earlier this summer.
Although much of my work speaks of what man has destroyed, I seek to keep the underlying beauty of who we once were, and who we continue to be underneath what life has brought upon us.

Hyang Sook Choi



 Soo Yeong Lee

Soo Yeong Lee

Time is an abstract concept that exists without us, yet it is essential to our lives, the expanding universe, and the will of God. Time serves no one and shows no mercy; which is why the universe is so beautiful. My work is an expression of my personal journey with the mysterious element of time.

Joon Park

5050 1

5050 2

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